My name is Juri Strumpflohner and this is my technical blog. I'm a software architect, .Net, Android, Web and Java dev, TDD and best practices promoter and martial arts practitioner.

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Find Code Duplicates with Sublime Text

Code duplication is the worst practice ever, right? Well, actually there might be situations where duplicating can be better than factoring out, but these are very rare. But, before I loose myself in best practices preaches, here's a quick post about a possible way to use Sublime for identifying code duplications.

Know Your Tools: Become a JavaScript Power-Developer

One of the issues classical web developers have when diving into the rich JavaScript apps world is their tooling. They are accustomed to work in fully integrated environments where you fire up a webserver, you directly set breakpoints and live-inspect the state of the app. With JavaScript RIAs things change a little, browser interaction increases, coding is done in your favorite IDE, debugging in the browser. This kind of mind switch is often difficult and feels uncomfortable. But it hasn't to, JavaScript tools get increasingly better.

Fluent Conference: JavaScript & Beyond Complete Video Compilation by O'Reilly Media

Missed this years Fluent Conference in San Francisco? Then this amazing video compilation is probably for you. It contains all of the sessions nicely bundled and in high quality. There are sessions about WebGL, CoffeeScript, JavaScript Mobile with Firtman and Backbone, just to mention some of them.

git tf - An Early View

I really like git. I actually don't know exactly why. I guess it's mainly also because GitHub is such a nice platform and probably because git is extremely fast and compresses the source code nicely. Anyway, after announcing git support on Codeplex this year, Microsoft decided to develop a git client that allows to work with plain normal TFS repositories. So lets take a quick look at it.

Mobile JavaScript Application Development by Adrian Kosmaczewski, O'Reilly Media

If you are a JavaScript newbie eager to dive into creating rich mobile web applications, this book is for you. It is structured in a very clear and intuitive way, introducing the most useful HTML5 features, some JavaScript performance tips, jQuery mobile and Sencha Touch examples and illustrates even how PhoneGap works.

Entity Framework Schema Translations

You should have different setup environments, right. Normally something like dev, test (or staging) and production. This implies to have different DBs as well. At work we have Oracle databases and there we don't really have different DB "instances" but different schemas, depending on the environment we deploy to. This post presents an approach of allowing to dynamically "rewrite" the schema defined in the EF mappings in an easy to use way.